Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf on the shelf Jesus Style?!?

So the new thing circulating Facebook is to "Jesusify" your elf on the shelf. 


I try I really do. I don't want to be the Christmas Curmudgeon. I am posting this rant on my blog so that those who choose, can avoid my particular type of crazy. 

I just would prefer that people openly and without shame embrace all their fabricated holiday fun.

By fabricated I mean not real but presented as real to small children as holiday "fun". 
Own it if that's what you choose, why feel that you have to slap the name of the Most High God on it?

Just wondering how you reconcile the "Do not lie" commands in the bible such as Colossians 3:9 :"Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices" with holiday lying to small trusting children about mythical creatures.

For me the unvarnished truth has so much wonder and delight that my children and I need nothing more. 
We have traditions of fun, surprise gifts, charitable work, discussing the historical figure of St. Nicholas, telling the Birth story and countdown or advent calendars. 

But at no time do I lead them to believe something that is fiction is nonfiction. 
I make it clear the difference between fun made up stories and what actually happened or is happening. Fiction can be fun, imagination can be joyful, but not mistaken for real. Why are so many young adults depressed and dissatisfied with life?
Maybe because it can never compare to the lies they hoped were real. 
"Wish or want for something hard enough and you will always get it" - yea, not in this universe. 

Why mix them? Why is it necessary? Has the world lead us to believe that we cannot have as much fun if we do not? Is fun the goal? 

If you ask my kids they say Christmas is their favorite time of the year without any deception. 

You can pose little dolls every night and tell the kids to find what character trait of Christ you trying to act out without ever implying that the doll is alive or magic is involved.

He rules your heart Christian, or He should. Not culture, not fantasy, not peer pressure, not your very very best intentions.

If you are faithful in the small things, He will give you authority in the large things.