Monday, July 23, 2012

Rise and Shine

Dragging myself of the couch mentally today.
It has been one of those seasons in my life.
Fighting a fierce ten rounds in the ring with discouragement.

Doing my usual facebook check yesterday I came across a comment by a girl about how she would fight anyone who tried to give her competition for her "man".
I could not resist making the following comment:
"You never have to fight for a real man, he shuts down all competition in a mili-second, himself".

Now as true as I think this should be in a relationship, I think I forgot how true this concept can be in spiritual life.

I think these past few weeks I have been parking lot brawling, street fighting if you will, with Satan over my love, our church. Pouting and growling over what the enemy has been up to.

Truth is, it was pretty stupid on my part. As embarrassing as the girl who's weave gets snatched out by a rival in front of Walgreen's.

It wasn't my place to wallow all around in the "No, they didn't" of it all.

The Church has a husband you see. Christ.
He is not the kind who idly sits by while Satan wiggles and squirms to come between Himself and His bride. Even better He saw it coming from a mile away.

You see the two loves in my life, Christ and His Church, are a together forever couple. It works that way because of Him. He never holds back. He never fails those who love Him.

I am part of that Church. I have nothing to fear because my Christ has never been derailed by the acts of any person or evil power. His ultimate goal, the good news of his love being spread to all the earth, always marches on with the feet of His bride the Church.

So I have dusted myself off, rubbed the pout out of my eyes and looked up to see His face.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How far would you go?

Weakness is part of being a human being that breathes air.
We all have it.
That's why it's so important that Christ told Paul "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. ” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)
There is no part of me God cannot shine through even the worst parts of who I am, if I will do anything He asks of me.

I have often had to ask myself "How hard am I willing to fight sin?".
Sadly the answer is most likely "Not hard enough".

I have had to come to the conclusion that nothing can stand between me and obedience.
Not my pride, not my personality, my DNA, my dreams, nothing.

Christian, there is no other path to powerful living.

I realized I had a problem with spending.
Hiding secret purchases from my husband and  lying about what I bought, was going to over time destroy his trust in me.
Too high a price.
It was going to rip the guts out of my fellowship with God.
Too high a price.

I knew my weakness, it was deep.
So I asked my husband to do all the shopping for our family. Every Purchase.
I avoided going to stores all together.
After a few months, I would make little trips.
I would have list and stick to the list. A few months more and I could grocery shop with out stepping foot in the clothing section. I could walk by the clothing section with out taking a good look.

I have gone almost one year (August 2nd, 2012 will be one year) without buying one item of clothing or shoes for myself.
I have a whole new perspective on clothes. I still enjoy fashion and getting new clothes but not at the expense of family goals or my relationship with God.

My weakness to sin may seem weird to you. Addicted to buying clothes or shoes, CRAZY.
But, it's not any different from cursing, lying, hating, getting drunk, using drugs, cheating, over eating, stealing, etc....
It filled a hole in my heart it was never meant to fill and never could fill.

I also am not some kind of super strong person. I know that every time I walk into a store the chance exists for me to drop my guard and go on a spree. I can feel the rush of it, just thinking about it.
I only did what any person can do. I told God I would do whatever it took to make the right choice, no matter how wild it sounded. I only believed He would walk that road with me.
And He did.

I have to confess I have done this before, with anger.
So I knew He would be right beside me.
That time He changed my very personality for His own glory.

Hope, people, Hope, that the only reason I am saying all this.
There is so much stinking Hope out there for you!
Fight to the very end for Christ, He already did for you.
He believes in you or He would not freely put His spirit in you.